About us

We are developing a communication and event platform to promote innovative technologies in the field of the circular economy with the aim of creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable future on water and on land.

With the Bellevue catamaran, we are providing a unique platform to bring our vision to the world. We will take part in sailing events, such as in St. Tropez (France), Porto Cervo (Italy), Barcelona (Spain), St. Johns (Antigua) or Newport (USA), where we will present our project and environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies.

In these places, in connection with the iconic ship, we organize events that inspire new ideas and create deep emotions.

Innovative nautical technologies are at the heart of Bellevue ECO Development Ltd.

Our goal is to transform the industry through the use of renewable energy and circular economy principles. We are passionate about developing innovative and sustainable technologies that are both ecologically sound and economically viable. With our commitment to sustainability and our pursuit of excellence, we strive to create a world where environmental awareness and economic success go hand in hand.



Our vision is to show that we can conserve the resources of our planet and at the same time enable a standard of living that is fair to us humans and protects flora and fauna.


Our current project, the conversion of a racing catamaran that combines sustainability, safety and comfort, is at the heart of our mission. We want to use an example to show that our vision can be realized.

At the same time, we are creating a communication platform with the help of which we want to convince like-minded people to take things in hand and also initiate pilot projects.

We are using state-of-the-art technologies to demonstrate the idea of the circular economy. Our aim is to inspire business leaders and prove that environmentally friendly solutions are not only feasible, but also beneficial and practical.

Why we are looking for sponsors

We are looking for sponsors in order to further expand and operate our project and, above all, to participate in various prestigious events, regattas and trade fairs during our planned world tour. These partnerships are essential to:

  1. Expand the reach and influence of our project to reach multipliers and promote much needed awareness of sustainable practices in business.
  2. Build a network of like-minded people and subject matter experts who will work together to pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Commitment to the future

By actively involving our sponsors and partners in our project, we are creating a platform for innovation, discussion and development for a sustainable future. Our converted catamaran is not only proof that sustainability, safety and comfort can go hand in hand, but also an invitation to the world to join us on this exciting and important journey.

Join us

We invite you to become part of this pioneering initiative. By becoming a sponsor, you will not only help support a groundbreaking project, but also position your company as a leader in environmental awareness, innovation and sustainability.

For more information on sponsorship opportunities and partnerships, please contact us at sponsor@bellevue.eco

We look forward to working with you to create a more sustainable future.