Bellevue Projekt


The passionate and experienced crew works together on innovative solutions for a sustainable future. With unique skills and perspectives, we strive for excellence and are committed to positive change.


Companies involved in the project

Thorne Yacht Design

Thorne Yacht Design is an innovative and inspiring company offering outstanding creative, technical and consultancy services in the ever-changing field of yacht design. Our forward-thinking team has consistently achieved impressive results across a diverse portfolio of yacht projects – from initial concept development through to completion.

Team-fibre Mechanics

FIBRE Mechanics

FIBRE Mechanics is a renowned company that specializes in innovative solutions in the field of fiber composite technology. The company is characterized by its technical excellence and creative approach in the development and implementation of projects. With a focus on state-of-the-art fiber composite materials, FIBRE Mechanics offers innovative solutions for various industries.

Strong together: Our team on the way to sustainable yacht construction

Building a highly technical yacht is an extremely complex challenge that requires a high degree of precision and expertise. In addition to extensive experience and technical expertise, interpersonal skills are crucial to working successfully as a team. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who excel in their respective fields. Close cooperation and mutual trust form the foundation of our success in building this unique catamaran.

Each team member brings individual skills and experience to drive the project forward. In the yachting industry, good communication and a precise distribution of roles are crucial. Each team member takes on a specific role and task, which they fulfill with expertise and commitment. By focusing on our respective strengths and supporting each other, we create a dynamic working environment in which top performance is possible.

We believe that a positive working atmosphere and respectful interactions are fundamental to team success. Valuing each individual and allowing them to express themselves freely contributes to a productive working environment. Building a team that sticks together and motivates each other makes us proud. Our goal is to build a sustainable yacht that meets the highest standards and inspires others to follow our example.